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City sign ordinance postponed
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IN BRIEF: Proposed updates to the city's sign ordinance are returning to the drawing board for a committee of business owners, Chamber of Commerce representatives and city planners to work together in order to create an ordinance that will be agreeable for all parties.

The updated ordinance had faced opposition from several city business owners who felt the new rules are too restrictive and ambiguous. The council had been scheduled to vote on the updated ordinance Wednesday night but instead agreed to defer the matter for six weeks and allow a committee to resolve the issues creating controversy.  

"We need to be able to allow all businesses to be able to compete fairly," David Shipp, owner of Puritan Cleaners on West Avenue, told the council. "I would ask that a group of business people who actually have a stake in this thing have a chance to look at it."

Shipp's sentiments were then echoed by Conyers Rockdale Chamber of Commerce chairman-elect Pat Cavanaugh, who suggested the city allow time for the chamber to form a task force to work with business owners and city planners to come up with an ordinance that won't have negative impacts on the city's commercial community.

The council deferred a vote and will revisit the issue at its September 18 meeting.            

The updated ordinance had proposed the following additions:

- A nonconforming sign currently in existence can remain but cannot be enlarged, altered, modified, improved or rebuilt unless is it conforms to the new standards laid out in the sign ordinance, but it can be repaired to maintain safety and appearance.

-The city manager will periodically inspect permanent and temporary signs to determine conformity with the ordinance and issue removal of unsafe and non-conforming signage. Owners will have 30 days to correct or remove the sign after receiving written notice of a violation of the sign ordinance. Notification will be sent by certified mail. The city manager can remove any dangerous or defective signs in the case of an emergency.

- No signs can have blinking, flashing, fluctuating or computerized lights.

- Business owners who advertise on vehicles must park within 50 feet of the business and must park in a legal parking space associated with that business.