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Charges pending for dance studio owner
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While some parents just want to move on and begin to heal from the sudden closing of Starbound Dance Studio, another group of parents feel they cannot do so until the receive retribution for money the studio's owner, Valerie Odom, as of yet, has failed to refund.

Charges against Odom are pending for theft by conversion and await the completion of an investigation by the Newton County Sheriff's Office, according to a public record copy of the incident report.

The report states the alleged theft took place between January 12, 2013 and June 6, 2014. Three parents were named in the report that said the Starbound Dance Studio closed on May 28, 2014 without notice to parents. The owner sent an email after the business had closed advising all monies received would be refunded but that no contact or refunds have been made.

A recital was to be held at the end of May 2014, and fees for the recital, tickets and costumes were collected in December 2013, the report said. The parent complainant stated even up to May 27, 2014 the studio was collecting fees from parents with no mention of closing. The main complainant filed in the report he is owed $170 between costume and recital fees.