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Challenger bids for House Dist. 109
Dale Rutledge

Republican Dale Rutledge announced Monday that he will run for the new state House District 109 as a challenger to incumbent Rep. Steve Davis. 

The newly drawn District 109, which goes into effect in July, covers the southeast corner of Rockdale and parts of Newton and Henry counties.

Rutledge said he plans to focus on job growth, business development and traffic improvements throughout the district.

"I am very interested in working with our leadership to reduce regulations that have a strangle-hold on small business that keeps them from growing," Rutledge said Friday. "We need to encourage entrepreneurs to get out there and give it a go."

Rutledge cited what he perceived as a pattern of "self-serving behavior by Davis" among his reasons for running. “Georgians want real change and are fed up with legislators who mainly look out for themselves,” said Rutledge. "When elected as your new Representative, I’ll refuse to do any business deals with the government.” In a released statement, Rutledge accused Davis of making money off real estate bailouts offered by the Obama administration and taking campaign contributions from lobbyists to pay family mebers’ salaries.

“As your new Representative, I will sponsor legislation making that behavior illegal,” said Rutledge in the statement.

“After years with virtually no real accomplishments from Davis, our community is demanding change. We are facing worsening traffic congestion while jobs and businesses are leaving. It’s time for a change. And as our community’s new State Representative with successful business experience, I will lead efforts to create new jobs and bring new businesses here again,” he said in the released statement.

Rutledge grew up on a family farm in Henry County, graduated from the county’s public schools and went to Georgia Southwestern University. He formerly owned Rover, Inc., a recycling and sanitation company in Henry County. He now runs Expo-Link Cargo, a firm he started in 1999 specializing in trade show exhibits for the logistics industry.

Rutledge and his wife of 26 years, Kathy, have two daughters, Caroline and Morgan. The family attends McDonough Presbyterian Church, where Dale has served as an Elder and Deacon. For more information, contact Rutledge at 678-438-7181 or go to