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Candidates on local issues
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Fourteen candidates for local elected offices were asked whether they supported or opposed the following items: 1) Charter school constitutional amendment ballot question, 2) Moving to a county-manager style of government, 3) Adding more commissioners to the Board of Commissioners, 4) Making local elected judicial offices non-partisan, 5) Moving Rockdale County’s E911 center under Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office. Not all issues related to all offices, in which case the candidate could mark n/a (not applicable). Here are the replies from candidates who responded (listed in ballot order).


Holly Bowie, Republican candidate for Clerk of Courts:

Responded n/a for all items except non-partisan local elected judicial offices: “Support. It is my opinion that all judicial positions should be non-partisan. The judicial system is impartial and does not consider party affiliation of the people seeking relief from the courts. Party affiliation has not and will not make an impact on how I serve the citizens of this community. I will continue to serve the citizens of this community impartially, with no regard to party affiliation and to the best of my ability.”


Ruth Wilson, Democratic candidate for Clerk of Courts and incumbent: Responded n/a for all items.


Phinia Aten, Democratic candidate for Chief Magistrate Judge, declined to respond.


Rudy Horne, Republican candidate for Chief Magistrate Judge and incumbent:

Responded n/a to all items, replying “As a judge, I am not allowed to take a position on this issue,” except for the following: non-partisan local elected judicial offices. “I support this issue.  Every local judicial candidate, prior to the primary election, announced their support for non-partisan judicial elections.”


Jason Hill, Republican candidate for Commission Chairman:

1) “N/A, but I do not support (charter school) amendment.”

2) “(A county-manager style of government) will cut down on spending, provide for a more responsive and professional government, take politics out of the day to day operation, make a more efficient government, and allow more money to be spent on the quality of life for Rockdale County citizens.”

3) “If we move to a county-manager form of government, I support adding more commissioners, but I do not support districts.”

4) Support

5) Support


Richard Oden, Democratic candidate for Commission Chairman and incumbent, did not respond.


Tom Harrison, Republican candidate for Post 1 Commissioner:

1) “I am opposed to the amendment. I see it as another level of government that is not needed. Full control should be left to local elected school boards.”

2) “I support this with citizens support. It has been shown to be a more efficient form of government with cost savings.”

3) “I support this as well, however considering our size I think if we did they would better serve if all were at large.”

4) “I fully support this.”

5) Almost 90 percent of 911 calls involve the Sheriff’s office.”


Oz Nesbitt Sr., incumbent and Democratic candidate for Post 1 Commissioner:

1) “I voted NO.”

2) “It’s up to the voters.”

3) “I’m in favor of a five-member BOC, also up to the voters.”

4) “It’s up to the voters.”

5) “Now that we have new leadership, (Fire) Chief (Dan) Morgan, we should allow his vision to unfold.”