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Build a Lego house
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Legos are both amazing to me and also, as the parent of a young child, the bane of my existence when I locate one with my bare foot in the middle of the night. Thankfully, there’s a very slim chance of that sort of experience happening at Legoland Discovery Center at Phipps Plaza. There’s a much larger chance for some mind-blowing works of art. From wizards and wild animals to a 4D theatre where you can watch Lego-themed adventures played out, Legoland is a kid (and sometimes grownup) paradise. It’s completely feasible to spend an entire day there, playing, creating, watching movies and even eating. All the themed attractions sound super fun, but the cherry on top is something called an earthquake table, which certainly appeals to my more destructive side. It’s probably geared more toward boys and their dads, but it’s in Buckhead, so mom can skip out and do a little shopping if it gets to be too much. But something tells me you might like it as much, if not more, than your boys. So be prepared.

Price: $15-$19 (but it's cheaper if you book online)

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