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Brightest stars awarded
Eastminster recognized its brightest stars at the 2009 Middle School Awards Night ( a few of the award winners are pictured at the left) on Sept. 10. Each of the following students won recognition and honors ranging from Gold and Silver stars for being on the Headmaster's list or Director's list, Mensa qualifiers, the Distinguished Service award, find arts and performing awards, and academic gold medals for the student with the highest average in science, social science, math and English.

Eighth grade: Trent Fowler, Sarah Jarwar, Moriah Mason, Sarah Myers, Reynolds Rogers, Kristen Shue.

Seventh grade: Jake Diaz, Ashley Hammonds, Katie Kirkpatrick, Kil-Hwan Pyun, Leif Roberts, Sara Catherine Rogers.

Sixth grade: Walden Brown, Jake Kim, Clay Kirkpatrick and Anjali Patel