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BOC tightening up leash laws
Animal Control presents ordinance amendments at BOC meeting
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The Rockdale County Board of Comissioners looking at tightening up ordinances regulating dogs and dangerous animals at the work session on Tuesday.

Ciji Baker, Manager of Rockdale County’s Animal Control brought several points in front of the board, including the first and the most heatedly discussed item, an amendment concerning a leash law. Baker proposed that all dogs be on a leash at all times.

When Commissioner JaNice Van Ness asked if it would even require dogs to be on a leash on the way to a mailbox, Baker replied yes.

“We’ve had several bite cases like that,” Baker said. “You may think the animal is (on) voice command, but something could set it off.”

Other proposals include changes when an animal is impounded multiple times, such as requiring mandatory micro-chipping on second impoundment. 

Also if the animal is impounded three times and is not spayed or neutered, the new laws would make it mandatory for the owners to spay or neuter their animal at the third time.

Baker also proposed changes to the fee schedule including impounded and overnight keep of both dogs and livestock animals.

The impoundment of a dog would be $30 for first time, $60 the second and $120 the third.

Livestock would increase from $10 to $75 if a trailer is involved.

Currently there is a boarding fee of $5 if an impounded dog has to stay overnight, that would increase to $10 and $15 for a quarantined animal.

Baker also proposed changes to the Potentially Dangerous/Dangerous Dog ordinance.

The proposal had the fees for Dangerous Dogs to increase to $150 on first offense and go up $25 increments after that.

Commissioner Oz Nesbitt said, “Certainly this is a strong message we’re sending to the county in terms of being proactive and preventive.”