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Board Vice Chairs
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Dear Editor: 

Nov. 22 was the first meeting of the "New Administration" of the BOE/VR. The meeting started on time in a very professional manner as it should. There was some discussion about opening applications for the "Member at Large" and it was agreed that there should be an application process for at least 30 days for people who may want to apply for the position .

The puzzling part is that Chairperson Bond spoke on the importance of always having a chair to keep the BOE/VR in operations in case of emergencies when the Chairperson was not available. Then and there Chairperson Bond nominated Caycie Dix, the Democratic member of the Board for first vice chair and she accepted. In the same breath, she now nominated Jonny Brown, the Republican member of the board for second vice chair and he accepted. It was then passed by the Board. The curious part is on one hand you are taking applications for a member at large and having at least 30 days for people who may want the position to apply and then on the other hand you are nominating and approving a vice chair and second vice chair without the application process and giving people the opportunity to apply for the position. It appears that it is a one sided controlled environment and not allowing the Democratic process to prevail.

When Chairperson Bond was questioned on these nominations and not having an application process as he did with the "At Large" member, he avoided the question by answering that "The Board Has The Final Say" on who gets appointed as per the by laws.

If this meeting were to of been held at 901 Main St., it would have aired on Channel 23 for all concerned voters to view. Here is where the power of the Media comes into play.

The unanswered question remains: Chairperson Bond, why are you having a 30 day (at least) application process for the "At Large" member and not having the same due process for the 1st and 2nd vice chair positions?

Michael Minkoff

Editor's Note: According to Elections Supervisor Cynthia Welch, the first and second  vice chair are appointed among the members of the Board. The Chair, in accordance with bylaws effective July 1, 2011, is the At-Large Member.