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Board of Distinction status for Rockdale school board
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The Rockdale County Board of Education was named a 2014 Board of Distinction by the Georgia School Boards Association on  Friday. 

"I congratulate our board members for this recognition and truly appreciate their work and dedication to public education and to the children and families in Rockdale County," said Superintendent Richard Autry. "This is the next step in the progression of achievement in the revised GSBA recognition program."

The recognition was announced at the Annual GSBA Conference with Board Chairman Jim McBrayer and Board Member Katrina Young accepting the award.
"This award is affirmation that our work as a board is at the highest level possible," said McBrayer. "We will continue to work hard to ensure that we, as a board, are doing our part to provide children with the best possible educational opportunities."

"This is truly a great honor," said Young. "It validates the collaborative work of our board which is done for all children of Rockdale County."

Autry explained, "Our board is required to meet several criteria, such as provide evidence of a system strategic plan, demonstrate accreditation compliance, and meet all training requirements to earn this level of distinction. We are fortunate to have this dedicated board, elected by citizens, to ensure that quality public education remains a top priority for this community."

The RCPS Board of Education met and/or exceeded the criteria set forth by GSBA to earn this honor of a 2014 Board of Distinction.

The GSBA Board Recognition Program is a three-year, three tiered program. Quality Board status is the beginning rung of the three tiers, Board of Distinction is the middle tier, and Exemplary Board is the top tier. A school board must be named a Quality Board first before being eligible for Distinction status, and must be named a Board of Distinction before being eligible for Exemplary Board status.

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