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BLOG: 9/11 for the next generation
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For most of America, the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks will forever be etched into our psyche. I remember sitting in our high school computer class, the day's lessons forgotten as we watched in open mouth horror as the events unfolded on a tiny TV screen.

Nearly 10 years later the 9/11 attacks have become the classroom lesson. An Associated Press story highlights one such classroom in Norcross where a sixth-grade teacher tries to put Osama bin Laden's death in perspective for children who have no personal memories from the events that lead to his assassination.

As a 27-year-old, it is a new experience for me. Just like I will never truly comprehend the magnitude of JFK's assassination, the next generation will have no knowledge of the event beyond stock footage and classroom lectures. I guess every generation has their defining tragedy; now we are left to wonder what it might be for these sixth-graders.

What do you remember as a defining event in your life? Will the next generation ever be able to fully comprehend 9/11? Sound off below.