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Alleged serial wallet thief arrested

A Decatur woman who stole a wallet at a Conyers Kroger store on Oct. 19 and was caught and arrested in DeKalb County on Tuesday and turned out to be wanted for similar crimes in multiple counties as well.

The woman, Carla Walker, also known as Carla Clifton, allegedly confessed to stealing the wallet in Conyers and also confessed to theft by taking and financial card transaction theft to Fayette County Sherriff’s Officers. She had 16 warrants on her in Fayette County.

Walker came under attention from the Conyers Police Department when she stole a wallet from a woman inside of Kroger at about 2:23 p.m.

When police arrived, they met with the victim, who said she had placed her purse with the wallet inside it in the child seat of her shopping cart. As she entered the produce section, a black woman and a black man started to follow her.

The victim said that the other woman had allegedly started a conversation with her, asking about different fruits and vegetables. The victim stated that she answered the questions, but was not paying her much attention.

An hour later, when the victim arrived at the counter to pay, she realized that her purse had become unzipped, and that her wallet was gone.

Footage from the Kroger security cameras showed the woman and man following the victim around the produce section and making contact, as the victim claimed. Police allegedly observed Walker get between the victim and her cart, and it appeared that Walker was going through the purse.

Walker and the man then took their cart to the front of the store, left it by the cash registers, and went to the parking lot, where they left in an older-model Lincoln. The tapes showed this was also the car Walker and her accomplice arrived in.

Later that week, the Fayette County Sherriff’s Office had put out a call for Walker, also for stealing a wallet in their jurisdiction. A detective with Lilburn Police Department recognized the woman as Carla Walker, from when he previously arrested her for wallet thefts in 2003 and 2004. Walker had been released from prison in July.

The detective was able to provide some possible addresses for Walker in Dekalb County, and the vehicle was located at one of them on Tuesday. Police later made contact with Walker at a Waffle House on Covington Highway in Decatur. She was arrested by Dekalb County Police Department Officers on charges from Fayette, and was later transported to the Conyers Police Department.

She currently faces theft charges in Conyers, but according to Conyers Police Department, more charges may be pending.