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Air Nat'l Guard free concert March 30

The Air National Guard Band of the South will perform a free concert featuring a pop music ensemble in Conyers Saturday, March 30.

The concert will showcase Sound Barrier, a 12-piece rhythm and blues band that performs a combination of popular and patriotic music stretching all genres. The primary focus of this band's 2013 tour is soft rock, beach and disco favorites.

Jackie Sprague, director for the Conyers-Rockdale Council for the Arts, said members of the band had called to ask if they could play to make up for the United States Air Force Academy Band, which had been scheduled to play March 22 but was canceled due to budget cuts from the sequestration.

The free concert begins at 7 p.m. at 903 Main Street. For additional information about the show, contact the Conyers Rockdale Council for the arts at 770-922-3143 or visit

For more information abou the Air National Guard Band of the South, visit .