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Adventure in Confusion
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What does storm water mean?

My file on storm water is the thickest file I have.

My husband and I went to the informational meetings on storm materials in the beginnng. We followed all the suggestions to the letter and applied for discounts. All storm water was put in black pipes, some underground, some above. This was no easy task. We got an initial discount for our efforts.

After talking at length by phone and in person to several women storm water employees, our discount for further bills was denied.

One year I was billed twice, paid twice. The mistake was realized by me much later.

I signed up for a citizens committee, but was never called. Now due to my health, this is now an impossibility.

We were told, in the meeting, that a lien would be put on houses if storm water fees were not paid. I want to know if past fees (in percentage) were not paid. I would be most upset if past due fees were "forgiven."


Robin Davidson