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Actions toward the Sheriff
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(Letter read in public comments at Feb. 7 Board of Commissioners work session)

I am Gerre Byrd, a tax paying resident for 30 years.

Mr. Chairman and CEO, my issue today is your issue with our sheriff. Jeff Wigington has been an effective sheriff for this county for almost 16 years, being re-elected every four years. For some reason, you are trying to dismantle this efficient department by not placing him on the county agenda and giving lies, not facts, to the media.

Your actions toward the sheriff and this community are disappointing. Why don't you tell the public what you have against Jeff Wigington. I don't suppose what's behind these actions is racism. I certainly hope not.

You sit here well protected, not having to answer our direct questions or respond to our issues.

You have a deputy present (from Sheriff Wigington's department) to haul us out if we get too angry.

Personally, I'm glad the deputy is here with us, because I am getting more angry every week.

And then you have the gall to encourage your sidekick to go along with your wishes, voting for spending money when we don't have it in the bank.

I would like to see Greg Pridgeon sitting in your seat, and Cynthia Welch sitting in the Post I position.

Greg is doing the work that you were hired to do, and Cynthia Welch goes by the letter of the law and the facts. Both appear to be honest and fair.