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A word from the Chief
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Thus far in 2011, we have experienced five armed bank robberies in the city of Conyers. Out of these five robberies, we have arrested all involved suspects within 24 hours. This past week, the Wells Fargo Bank on Dogwood Drive was robbed.  Within minutes of receiving the original call, we had officers responding and taking up strategic positions in the area. Officers spotted the get-away vehicle almost instantly. Officer Hardwick was the first officer out with the suspects. Officer Hardwick and Officer Cook were able to take the first suspect into custody. Officer Hardwick and Officer Warren then began to follow the second suspect on foot trailing him into a wooded area. The officers on the scene were able to give good directions and communicate with personnel in the 911 Center who in turn were able to provide additional details and directions to the responding officers and the Rockdale 911 Center. Deputies from the Rockdale County Sheriff’s Department responded to the location and assisted in gathering information and securing a perimeter. Officer Hardwick, Officer Warren, Officer Eaton and Sergeant Sanders were successful in taking the second subject into custody.     

These arrests were made through the teamwork and cooperation of Conyers Police Officers, Conyers 911 Communications Center, Rockdale County Sheriff Deputies, and the Rockdale 911 Emergency Operations Center.  The actions of all parties involved make me extremely proud of these officers and the relationship that has been developed with outside entities in reaching the common goal of making the City of Conyers a safer place. 

As a reminder to all our citizens, our Code Enforcement officer is working hard and enforcing city ordinances wherever a violation is located or observed.  We currently have a city ordinance regarding junk vehicles.  A copy of the ordinance [8-7-93(L)(4)] is available online at the or by visiting the Conyers Police Department and requesting a copy of it.  If you see a junk car in your neighborhood, call 770-602-2597 to report it.  

Recently, the department was awarded a grant from the Georgia Emergency Management Agency in the amount of $21,350 to be used to purchase six Biometric Fingerprint Identification (RapidID) Systems. This is a portable device that is able to check a person’s fingerprint against millions in the system with results back in a mere 20 seconds. 

I would also like to welcome two new employees, Kelli Behrend and Valentina Radovanovic, to the Communications Center as Communications Operators. Ms. Radovanovic has been an active participant and leader in our Explorer Post for the previous five years.  

Congratulations are in order for Communications Supervisor Charlene Schooley-Wood for completing her Associate of Science Degree with a concentration in Business Administration. I also want to extend my congratulations and appreciation to Scott Slater for 10 years of service and to Pierce Piper for 20 years of service to the City of Conyers.  These are milestone accomplishments, and I am extremely proud of them. 

For more information about the Conyers Police Department, visit and follow the CPD on Twitter at @ConyersPolice.