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9-year-old driver plows into house

A Conyers man was arrested last night after his 9-year-old daughter drove the family car into a vacant house.

Conyers Police reported Khadijah Michael Grey, 35, was outside of the vehicle when he attempted to "teach his daughter how to drive" by backing out of the driveway of a vacant rental house on Second Avenue Monday evening.

Instead of putting the car in reverse, the child put the car in drive and drove into the home, causing extensive structural damage.

Neighbors reported hearing a very loud noise that sounded like thunder. Neither the father nor daughter were injured, but Grey was arrested and charged with reckless conduct.

The father had moved his vehicle to the vacant home while working in his yard just a few doors at 700 Second Avenue in Conyers.  

 According to the owner of the vacant home, who requested to remain unidentified, the vehicle drove through both exterior brick walls of a foyer, then across a seven-foot deck before coming to rest with the front of the car hanging over the edge of the back deck. A tow truck pulled the vehicle from the wreckage.