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24 hour bike race brings hundreds to Conyers
The winners take to the podium for the 24 Hours of Georgia mountain bike race. - photo by Submitted Photo

The Georgia International Horse Park is well known for its equestrian events, but it was also home to the 1996 Olympics Mountain Bike trail, and is still in use for racing purposes today.

The 24 Hours of Georgia Mountain Bike race was just the latest race to call the International Horse Park Home on Oct. 8.

The competition featured 315 racers from nine different states, stretching as far as Oregon to the host state Georgia. Around 83 percent of the racers were from Georgia.

According to Daniel Digby of the Conyers Downtown Development Authority, there were around 700 spectators at the race in Conyers. But race watchers weren't the only thing coming into the Rockdale County; Digby estimated the race brought in an estimated $70-100,000 to the local economy.

The promoters who put on 24 Hours of Georgia will also be hosting a 10K/5K Trail running race at the Georgia International Horse Park on March 17.

The winners of the 24 Hours of Georgia are:

Individual male
1. Jason Overbaugh, 36, 204 miles in 23:24:58.8
2. Michael Christopher, 28, 192 miles in 22:38:36.7
3. Mark Sackett 192 miles in 23:13:00.0

Individual female
1. Ruthie Myers 132 miles in 23:34.55
2. Kari Lindner 108 miles in 22:22:29.7
3. Jennifer Rau 84 miles in 22:24:59.5

Team men
1. Momentum Racing with David Hall and Brad Phillips who went 240 miles in 21:53:35.
2. Team MOAB of Scott Ludwig and Steven Myers with 216 miles in 22:19;16.7.
3. Ass Hats of Addictive Cycles with Andy Hall and Willie Copeland with 192 miles in 22:5:27.4.

Team co-ed
1. GTC Mark Stewart and Julie Stewart 180 miles in 20:00:53.1
2. Cooter of Kerry Bonselaar and Tiffany Barlow 156 miles in 23:33:36.9

3-5 Person Male
1. Who's your daddy of Bill Bray, Rusty Wallace, Alex Hagianu, Andrew Johnston, Bill Lanzilotta 276 miles time of 23:46:13.8
2. NO2 Red/Engine of Ladd Dunwoody, Matt Hammond, Dave Chen, Cesar Jerez 252 miles in 22;53:15.8
3. Habersham Hillbillies of Chad Hayes, Trent Smith, David Shabat, Craig Tinsley and Trace Nabors 252 miles in 23:14:11.9