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21st Century Schools
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There are two people responsible for the editorials you see in this column every week.

Both of their names are proudly posted at the top of this column.

The one member, who is a card carrying member of the baby boomer generation, was absolutely and completely in awe this past week as he along with other members of school superintendent Dr. Samuel King advisory council visited the spanking brand new Rockdale elementary school C.J.Hicks.

The new C.J. Hicks school is a 21st century school in every sense of the world; the new technology that our kids will be using is almost mind blowing.

This school is the Buck Rogers of the future of education.

Personally we are glad we were born in the good old days but we are proud and pleased that we have the education leadership in this county that recognizes what it takes for our children to be prepared for the future.