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105 home development moves forward

Conyers city council members approved a vote to allow construction to begin on a gated subdivision with 105 single-family homes near Milstead Wednesday night.

The site has remained dormant since Arcadia Partners, LLC installed infrastructure nearly eight years ago, and now that the economy appears to be picking up and the company's zoning application to change the property to the city's mixed-use development classification has received approval, the developers hope to break ground as soon as November.

Arcadia is planning to build craftsman-style houses and a community tailored to "active adults" who will enjoy a clubhouse with a pool and gated entrances off of Boar Tusk Road and Renaissance Way.

"I am excited to see the mixed-use (zoning) because it creates a higher quality of homes," councilman Vince Evans said following the unanimous vote to approve the development.

Arcadia's zoning application approval changed the property from the Residential Single-Family (RS) designation first granted for the site in 2002 to the city's Mixed-Use Development (MxD) classification established in 2012. According to developer Toby Logel, houses in the neighborhood will range from $190,000 to over $300,000 and the first phase of construction will include walking trails, a clubhouse with a pool, three model homes and three spec homes.

Arcadia sought the MxD classification because the property likely has a significant amount of bedrock and the lot sizes needed to modified in order to accommodate 105 homes, which is which is sewer capacity for the site.

"We wanted to get flexibility on the lot widths because there is a lot of rock here," Mark Walton, an engineer working with Arcadia on the project, told the council. "The topography is such that we need to slide the houses as close as we can to the road. It also allows flexibility to the home size."