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The spirit speaks to us if we listen
Seminar helps participants find inner peace
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Spirit Speaks Seminar centers on prayer and growth in each person’s spiritual journey.

According to coordinator Jack McBride, it’s a small meditative group on an ongoing search for peace, love and happiness.

It’s also a private, nonprofit volunteer organization with no dues, officers or affiliation with any religion, sect or government agency. And the group does not discriminate.

“Anybody above 18 … who is serious about finding inner peace (is welcome),” McBride said.

Spirit Speaks’ main purpose is to bring together anyone who feels disillusioned and unsatisfied with the performance of mainstream religious tradition. 

“Many people … sense there is more out there that can better help them realize their conviction that this is not all there is,” McBride said.

Meetings involve dialogue between individuals who share the same urgency to know oneself more completely and life’s deeper meanings more certainly, he explained. 

This is accomplished by sharing creative insight, experiences and research in pursuit of a more peaceful life journey.

Seminar members meet twice monthly in a confidential, non-threatening setting that encourages the free flow of exchanges and thought. And although it began last February, McBride said it’s slow-

He said this organization isn’t attractive to many because it’s hard for people to learn about themselves and reflect on what it takes to be truly happy. 

“On the other hand many folks are aching for something like this because they’ve left the church they were raised in … or felt unwanted,” he said. 

McBride adds that the economic situation doesn’t help either because there are men who are out of jobs and not being able to support their kids, which, in turn, has them questioning life.

“Such people can find encouragement in a group like this,” he said.

Meetings occur in Covington at various locations. For more information and details about location, call McBride at (770)787-6985.