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Solid Rock Baptist always has something going on
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Nestled in a hollow off Brown Bridge Road, Solid Rock Baptist Church has been serving the community for 25 years.
With 12 members, Pastor Mark Franklin started Solid Rock in his Oxford home. For the past quarter of a century, the church has grown to encompass several buildings on its large property.

These buildings are dedicated to different functions that allow Solid Rock to fulfill a number of ministries, which Minister Jason Williams described as never-ending.

“It’s an outreach church,” Williams said. “We believe in helping the needy and poor and reaching out to believers and nonbelievers both.”

Williams, a full-time minister since 2009, is the minister of recreation, children’s ministries and youth ministries. He said there are three primary ministries the church focuses on.

In the food building, the church collects food for those unable to provide for themselves. Williams called it a supplement to welfare — a way to help the hungry offset their regular food costs.

Another building houses the Willing Helpers Health Clinic, which meets Thursday nights and comprises a group of Covington doctors giving free service to those without access to health insurance.

Those in need are referred to the clinic via their doctor or hospital. The clinic provides services that help patients with diabetes, blood pressure problems and even some surgeries. They also counsel patients on a variety of things and pray for their salvation.

Williams said their third-largest mission is their 200 child plus softball program, which runs both fall and spring. Enrollment is $35 and any children in the community are welcome to join.

Williams said that in comparison with the county rec department, Solid Rock offers a cheap alternative.

“There’s no need to pay that much money,” Williams said. “We want to be an outreach for them.

In the spring the church plans to launch its new men’s league.

Solid Rock recently began a free and low-priced clothing store called New Beginning Clothes Closet, where they provide clothing, mattresses and appliances for those in need.

“A lot of people are in need of furniture and appliances and can’t go to the store and buy new stuff,” Williams explained. “So we have that available for them, too.”

More outreach missions include a partnership with Rockdale’s One Heart Ministries and Atlanta’s Safehouse. They have an upcoming mission trip to Honduras in July.

One of their flagship youth ministries is the praise band, which has a concert June 29.

Williams described Solid Rock as an “open door” church — they open their doors to anyone. The church additionally hosts a local drug rehab program each week.

“This is not a museum,” Wiliams said. “It’s a hospital. We are here to heal, fulfill and replenish. Anyone who walks on this campus knows immediately that there’s something going on.”

Williams said the congregation of 1,200 is always building and moving, trying to reach everyone that they can. Whether it is at Sunday service or outreach, he said they do not want anyone to have an excuse not to be involved with their community.

Women’s ministry and men’s ministry meet Tuesday at 6:30 p.m.

Sunday service is at 8:45 a.m. and 11 a.m., with children’s and youth church at 11 a.m.

“Our goal is to reach the lost and disciple the believers to find more lost. So it’s a never-ending rotation.”

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