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Providence Christian School celebrates Reformation Day
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Oct.31, 1517, was one of the turning points in world history, affecting not just church history, but the very course of civilization across the globe. On this day, Martin Luther, a German monk and university professor, nailed his 95 Theses to the door of the Wittenburg Church, in which he called for a return to the core teachings of Scripture (particularly as they pertain to salvation, grace and the authority of Scripture). Providence Christian School recognizes this historical event with a celebration of Reformation Day, held each year on Oct. 31 (or the Friday closest to the 31st).

Reformation Day is a chance for students and families to experience first-hand the time period and the events of the Reformation. Students creatively dressed as characters from the Middle Ages in costumes ranging from bakers, peasants and candle-makers, to princesses, knights, monks and kings. Students rotated among various booths that allow them to learn about the Reformation through food, games, crafts, archery contests, candle making, (gummy) worm-eating relays, along with many other activities. High school students participated by serving as helpers and booth organizers. Snacks of cheese, bread and fresh fruit are served. Of course, there was plenty of candy to go around.

"Reformation Day is a great day of celebration and fun for our school," said PCS Headmaster, Justin Hornsby. "Not only do we experience the blessing of games and fellowship, but we are also reminded of many of the core truths of God's providence (historically and presently) as he rules over the nations, his church and our very lives. We want our students to understand these precious truths, so that they will know that we serve a great and awesome God."

Providence Christian School is located in Oxford on Byrd Road. For more information, visit or call (770) 788-6618.