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Continuing a Legacy
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Serving in the community for more than 150 years, First Presbyterian Church of Covington is still standing strong. Established in 1827, originally as a garden, this ministry has always made its mark in the community. The roots of this ministry go so deep into the community; one of its forefathers, Dr. Hayes, was one of the very first pastors of the church, and still has living family members who are active in the ministry.

Senior Pastor Billy Wade shares the joy of overseeing a congregation for over 30 years.

“I came to this church in 1986 and to be a part of people’s lives is wonderful,” he said. “I have married and baptized the children of people I’ve married and baptized… there are so many gifted young people in our church and to see them working and leading in places of ministry is just wonderful.”

Generations of families fill the rows of Frist Presbyterian. However there legacy does not stop there. First Presbyterian uses its community influence for the greater good. As a part of its theology First Presbyterian believes in being active in the local community. Collaborating with different ministries, they have assisted in establishing Covington’s Food Pantry. The church has a sector dedicated called “Faith works” which is an organization dedicated to helping families with rent, utilities, and household bills.

Other community projects are seminars hosted throughout the years on various subjects. First Presbyterian just closed out its seminar called “Faith and Politics” in which they had a professor from Columbia Seminary come and lead the discussion. This January the church will be hosting another seminar specifically for parents and children.

To learn more about First Presbyterian historical roots go to or walk around the garden turned campus and get a feel of the church that’s been there from the beginning. Sunday morning services start at 11a.m. and Sunday school services begin at 10am.