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Banking on saving souls
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Though her ministry is small in numbers, Pastor Grace Scott, 54, said her mission is to win souls for Christ through biblical teaching.

The full-time banker said she started Truth, Grace & Mercy Christian Church in April because she wanted to connect family and faith.

Worship services are held every second and fourth Sunday at 3 p.m. in Conyers at the Holiday Inn Express, where Scott said roughly 30 members attend, lifting one another up through prayer and learning the word of truth.

Scott, of Decatur, graduated from Columbia High School and earned a degree in Biblical education from Beulah Heights University in Atlanta. She was ordained at Mt. Calvary Baptist Church in Greensboro. The mother of two adult daughters said she has been preaching the gospel for 15 years.

"As a preacher’s daughter, I know the struggles of walking and living [a] Christian faith; therefore seeing my unsaved family members put a yearning in my spirit for them to know God in the free parts of their sin," Scott said. "I heard the voice of the Holy Spirit in 2012 saying, ‘It is time to rise and reign, so gather your family and continue the call I have preordained.’"

"In God’s numbering system — 12 represents order and government. This church started with 12 members — myself, my two daughters, my eight grandchildren and my eldest brother. This was a sign to me that my family and I were headed in the right direction."

Truth, Grace & Mercy Christian Church is a non-denominational ministry.

Scott said that, as pastor, she teaches sound doctrine, believes in reaching out to unbelievers, and promoting love, prosperity and discipleship.

Scott added that the ministry seeks to encourage families to "love, give, study and pray daily for the Spirit of God to direct each and every one in truth so that the Gospel will be shared with all who will hear."

Pastor Scott said she is "not afraid to be a mouthpiece for the Lord" and said she believes it is her purpose to preach the gospel, because "doing the work of the Lord gives me hope, joy, happiness and peace."

She said as TGM Christian Church grows, she hopes to add programs that will enhance families physically, mentally and financially, in addition to spiritually.

You can reach Pastor Grace Scott at 770-323-3535 or by email at