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Wretched Wrangle
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Charlie Rangel is a disgusting little man who represents the 15th district of New York. He currently is the chairman of the Congressional Ways and Means committee, which among other things is supposed to be the watchdog for the IRS. During his leadership, Rangel has jammed through laws that insure there is no mercy given by the IRS for mistakes and impose penalties on honest mistakes, penalties that can financially ruin people for the rest of their lives.

Now it seems that Congressman Rangel has forgotten to pay taxes on more than $600,000 of unreported income.

OOPS! How embarrassing for the congressman since this happens to be the second time he has had a significant memory loss; a couple years ago he forgot to report rental property he owned.

Because of the criticism that is being heaped upon him, Rangel has pulled out the race card.

Doing this is an affront to every minority in this
country whose individuals make every effort to follow the law, which includes paying taxes.

Rangel is the purest example of why the majority of people in this country, according to a Rasmussen Reports phone poll, have said we would be better off picking our Congressional leaders from a phone book.

If the Democratic controlled Congress has any courage or integrity left in them, Rangel should be banished, condemned and censured for his actions.