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Here we go again. If you haven’t already noticed a big hole in your pocketbook, you will the next time you fill up. Gas prices are once again approaching the $4 mark.

Distributors will tell you that it’s the governments fault, because distributors are required to change over gas blends, but you would think that after all the years this has been required, the distributors would have figured out how to do this more efficiently.

The other culprit is the famous middlemen; the ones who are notoriously hard to blame because nobody knows who they are.

Then there are the local gas station owners, who for years have claimed they have been just the innocent victims of the distributor and the middle man. We don’t believe that’s true these days, but suspect everyone is trying to tack on some additional profit wherever they can.

Of course, there’s also the government, both state and federal, which get more than their share of taxes off the fuel you use.

Apparently, we’re not going to get any help on keeping gas prices at a fair rate, so we suggest that you know who in your area is selling gas at the lowest rate. We’re going to help you with that. If you go to, you can click on gas prices and you will find the lowest price in town every day.

As an additional aid, we’ll send out an email to the folks who are signed up for our breaking news and news alerts that tells them the current lowest local price.

If you’re not signed up, just go online and sign up or contact us and we’ll help you. The service is free.

Don’t aid the gas stations and oil conglomerates in gouging you.