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The legacy of the land
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"When you concentrate on agriculture and industry and are frugal in expenditures, Heaven cannot impoverish your state."
- Xun Zi

Newton County was built on the backs of the workers and dreamers who tilled the land and grew the crops that fed the animals that not only fed and nourished our community, but the world.

Over the years we have tended to forget the folks who have brought us to the dance as we have blacktopped the fertile land and built development after development without regard to our past, present and future.

This has all been good for our county's prosperity, but unfortunately the bottom has fallen out from under surging growth and prosperity.

We are fortunate here in Newton County that in despite of this current economic downturn, we are still largely agrarian.

The agricultural industry still accounts for 53 percent of the taxable income of the county.

Over the years we have taken that fact for granted. At The Covington News, which has been a business itself in Newton County since 1865, we too have forgotten our old dance partner.

Starting this Sunday, on the last Sunday of every month we are going to feature the agricultural community in Newton County and Social Circle.

If you have ideas of stories or have pictures old and new, you can reach us at (770) 787-6397 or at news@covnews.

We appreciate the people who have helped make Newton County such a great place to live; your efforts have taught us to be strong and resilient.

Agri-Business is as important to us now as it was when this county was created.

We will be proud to once again make the agri-business community an integral part of the coverage of The Covington News.