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The Dome is home
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Wednesday on the sports page of The Covington News,  sports editor Josh Briggs wrote a column disagreeing with the building of a new football stadium for the Atlanta Falcons. You can read his column at

If this stadium were going too built and financed by the Falcons owner Arthur Blank, then we would wish him Godspeed and well wishes. However, it is not. Unfortunately, the largest portion of the expense of building such a stadium would be borne by the taxpayers of Georgia. While Blank has agreed to throw in some money, the majority of it will have to be raised publicly. 

This makes no sense at all, especially during our current economic situation in this state. It seems to us that we have a perfectly good stadium in Atlanta now called the Georgia Dome.

We are disappointed that our governor, who was elected because of his purported conservative values, would want to endorse and possibly push to commit state funds for this project. The talk is the public money to be raised would be in the form of bonds to be paid back. Still, that money could be used on Atlanta's deteriorating infrastructure instead of a structure that provides entertainment. 

The bottom line is that we need not spend one taxpayer penny on the construction of a new football stadium, not now, not ever.

If the owner of the Falcons wants to build a new stadium for his team with his own funds, we wish him well and thank him for his commitment to fine taxpayers of Georgia. Otherwise be content with the Dome.