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As we have stated in the past, we are fortunate to have a well run library here in Newton County. We are fortunate, also, to have a very talented executive to run that library.

We recognize the fact that the library, like the other agencies in our county, has had to tighten its belt to meet budget deficits. One of the cost-cutting measures proposed by Greg Heid, the director of the Newton County Library, was to close on Saturday.

We have published two editorials suggesting another day be picked.

Greg Heid responded to the editorials in guest column we printed in Wednesday's paper; he did an excellent job explaining the situation.

We were encouraged to see that he is trying very hard to accommodate people's wishes to open on Saturday, even if it is a half of a day.

In order to do to accomplish this, the library needs volunteers. Here is your chance to ensure that our library is open on Saturdays, and in doing so, you can perform a great community service. Contact the library at (770) 787-3231 for more information.

We appreciate the efforts of Library Director Greg Heid.