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U.S. Armed Forces killed two noted al-Quaida terrorists last week on foreign soil. The notable thing about this incident, though, is that both were American citizens.

The family of one of the terrorists, Samir Khan, stated that their son was a law abiding U.S. Citizen. On the other hand, other reports suggest Khan was a propagandist working for the enemy and was a traitor to the United States. Khan's parents have also stated that the government has not offered them any condolences for the loss of their son nor has anyone contacted them regarding the recovery of their son's remains.

The North Carolina residents said they were appalled by the government's perceived indifference over their son's death.

We believe the only thing appalling about this incident is their son's willingness to betray his country. Samir Khan may be an American on paper, but his actions have proven that in his heart, Khan is no American citizen.

His death may have helped save the lives of other, patriotic Americans, and for that reason we have offer no remorse over his passing.