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Surprise announcement
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We got jolted out of our malaise as we received an announcement from Chris Smith, co-owner of Newton Electric Supply, telling us that he has thrown his hat into the ring for the position of Covington city councilman.

After a brief breather from the longest national election campaign ever, we were taken aback by Mr. Smith's early announcement. For sure it's been cold enough the last few days to be election time, but the old calendar says it's Easter week.

After we wiped the sleep out of our eyes, we are grateful for folks like Smith and we hope others, who still want to step forward and give of their time and efforts to help make their community a better place to live and play, will do the same. To do so takes courage, determination, perseverance and a thick skin.

The pay for local politicians is not much, as it should be; the rewards for your doing a good job for your constituents are the loss of privacy, occasional verbal abuse, and sometimes verbal praise. Having your own family members not talking to you at times and having the press question your every decision are other perks of the job.

The hours will be long; there will be no free days. Your rewards will be many if you follow your conscience and use your good judgment.

We honor and praise those who are still willing to represent us in spite of some of the seemingly bad aspects of the job. The fact that as a local politician your actions today will set the very future for generations to come is an awesome responsibility and honor.

We encourage you to come out and participate in our local democracy - without you and your efforts that democracy would soon disappear.