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Same old, same old
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For the second time in three months a majority of county supervisors, led by the county’s de facto head Commissioner Mort Ewing, voted to renew a county contract without putting it out for bid.

Durden’s Lawn Maintenance was awarded a contract Tuesday for $98,116 for 2012.

In November the same group, Ewing and commissioners Tim Fleming and J.C. Henderson, voted to renew the county’s recycling contract with Hilliard Services for $412,331.

We have no bone to pick with these companies, but we do with the Gang of Three.

The voters of this community expect their elected officials to do their best to control expenses. Every contracted service for which the county is responsible should be bid out every time a contract comes due.

This should not be done irresponsibly; Ewing has shown on many occasions that he and his gang could care less about the voters who elected them.

We may get relief from this irresponsible kind of leadership in November, when local voters will have the opportunity to put people in office who truly care about residents’ concerns and pocketbooks.