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Saluting Mayor Sheridan
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This week, we lost a real American hero.

Roger Sheridan, who died at the very “young” age of 92, was serving his second term as mayor of Newborn. At the time of his death, he was doing what he always did, serving his neighbors and his family.

Mayor Sheridan’s valor and his accomplishments while serving our country in World War II earned him a Purple Heart; in our opinion, he might easily have been given the Medal of Honor. His accomplishments as an engineer would fill a book. And his time serving the community he loved will put him in the books as one of Newton County’s most beloved leaders.

When we first met the mayor some seven years ago, we quickly realized that his tough exterior covered a heart that was as big as the country he served. Those who knew him well saw right through the toughness and felt the warmth of his giving heart.

Roger Sheridan probably would not think of himself as a hero, as we have described him to be.
We are going to miss him, as we know his family will.

God bless you, honorable servant.