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Sad, but positive
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The politics in Covington during the last week have not been one of the prouder moments of our city's history.

Bobby Sigman resigned — temporarily — from his bid to be mayor of Covington because of the silliest of things — stealing his opponent’s signs.

Mr. Sigman had the opportunity last week to admit his mistake and quietly go off into the sunset, so to speak.

Instead, he chose to deny his wrongdoing and in doing so accused the Covington Police and other witnesses of having nothing on him.

Not a smart thing to do when you are caught red handed on video.

As a result, his illegal actions got dragged out in full public view and Mr. Sigman and his family faced public ridicule. Ultimately, this lead to him dropping out of the race.

Then, as icing on the cake, he returned at the behest of his supporters. According to Sigman, he seems to have some left.

Again, so much for riding off into the sunset with a modicum of grace.

On the national scale in Washington, we have to put up with these types of shenanagans every day. It seems our federal elected officials seem to grow more corrupt and non-respondent to our  real concerns and needs every day.

We believe that the small-town people of America are sick and tired of this political nonsense and that by taking strong actions here to stop this foolishness maybe, just maybe, we can send a message to all our national elected officials. 

That message is this: we are tired of the games and deceit. We want nothing but straight, honest answers and we are not going to tolerate anyone who chooses not to deal with us in that manner.

Then again, if a small town like Covington can't work this out, is there any hope for Washington D.C.?