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Research Diamond
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In Wednesday’s edition of The Covington News, Newton County Board of Commissioners Chairman Keith Ellis shared his vision to form a medical industry hub similar to the idea behind Research Triangle in North Carolina.

The chairman’s vision is centered on Stanton Springs industrial park, the 1,620-acre industrial park located just west of I-20, exit 101 at the intersection of Newton, Walton and Morgan counties. The park is jointly owned by those three counties along with Jasper County. With the arrival of mega medical manufacturer Baxter International in 2012, Newton County and Stanton Springs are in the spotlight of their fellow industry.

We share the chairman’s enthusiasm and vision, but in order to accomplish this feat of turning a mostly rural area into the medical production mecca of the world, local leaders from all counties will need to put aside all of their petty disagreements.

Those leaders instead need to get together and appoint a group of enlightened and passionate citizens who, with the full support and influence of the state of Georgia behind them, can develop plans and take action to attract more medical industry.

That process needs to start right now.

If you missed a picture of the proposed Research Diamond and Chairman Ellis’ comments, they can be seen by going to and searching "Newton could be hub for medical biz."