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Reap the wind
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Newton County is playing host to some colorfully clad visitors this weekend, participants in the Georgia Cycling Gran Prix.

They were here Friday for a road race north of Oxford, then graced our downtown on Saturday with the excitement of a criterium event. Watching a criterium is akin to watching a NASCAR event, with the engine roar replaced by a nearly silent but powerful WOOSH as the cyclists speed by.
Today, the riders are out in the county for another road race to close out the event.
What fun.
Thanks to the organizers of the event, for bringing this colorful, festive competition to Newton County.
It's been a great celebration and offered fantastic opportunities to enjoy some midsummer days.
This was its first year for the Gran Prix in Newton County, and we hope it will become an annual event.
In Athens, the Twilight Criterium has become a major downtown event since its beginnings in 1980 with a race in size and scope much like the one held yesterday in downtown Covington.
We hope the future holds similar success for us.