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Raising millage rates
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We are dead set against raising taxes in this year of economic distress.

We have two local municipalities whose councils are talking about raising millage rates.

The cities of Porterdale and Social Circle are quaint little towns that have great pride and great plans to grow, but are quickly going in different directions.

The city of Porterdale has cut personnel and city services to the marrow.
Although we disagree from time to time with the elected officials of Porterdale, the issue facing them now is survival.

In order for the minimum of services to continue, the millage rate will have to be almost doubled.

On this issue we find ourselves looking at the exception to our preference of no new taxes in a recession. If you live in Porterdale and you want Porterdale to remain a viable city, then you are going to have to pay more taxes; we urge the council to keep the increase to the barest of minimums.

Because of good management, Social Circle has the money and reserves to support normal future growth. The council is proposing a millage increase of 1 mill. We are big supporters of the positive growth of the city of Social Circle, but we think it is not practical to raise taxes on the citizens of Social Circle at this time.

We commend the city on its belt tightening; we also commend the city for not passing on increases for gas and trash disposal.

It is our understanding that the council will be asking the 1 mill increase so they can buy land for future possible growth or sale. That is all well and good in better times, but these seem to be the worst.

Like a grandmother on a fixed income would like to buy the house next door for her family, she can't because she's on a fixed income.

The city of Social Circle should use the same principal; the city should buy the land when they can do so without putting an additional tax burden on their citizens this year.