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Progress in Porterdale
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Porterdale appears to be turning a corner.

In past years, Porterdale was known as the county’s laughingstock for its dysfunctional council and poor management. However, most of the recent news regarding Porterdale appears to be positive.

The leadership of Mayor Arline Chapman and City Manager Bob Thomson has improved the city’s standing, and we’re just as likely to hear about a new plan to improve downtown as we are a dispute over dilapidated housing.

Officials have made a concerted effort to clean up the city and re-establish it as a quaint, charming boutique-style town that will attract tourists and spending.

A sign is set to be erected at the Almon Road exit directing prospective tourists to the Porterdale Historic District. That’s smart planning.

Another symbol of Porterdale’s new leadership will help its residents; the City Council is getting ready to actually vote on a millage rate – also known as the property tax rate – decrease. How refreshing is that?

Yes, the reduction will be minimal, but its symbolism is important.

We encourage Porterdale’s leaders to continue to facilitate progress and its citizens to jump on board and join the effort to ensure that Porterdale develops into one of the county’s brightest gems.