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Pre-k deserves support
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We endorse the decision of the Newton County school board to continue a full year of pre-kindergaten in spite of state cutbacks.

The state has cut 20 days from the program; the county will fund the whole program and take money from middle school staffing.

We hate to see money not being used in our middle schools, but it is absolutely essential that our preschoolers get a solid jump so that they will be prepared to deal with the ever-changing complexities of our education requirements.

Board Member Eddie Johnson suggested in the future if the economy doesn't improve that a fee based system be put in place. There is merit to this continued discussion.

We understand that not everyone will be able to afford a fee, but many still can. A scholarship system could be set up for those who can't, similar to what groups like the Y and the Boys and Girls club provide. They turn no one away from using their services because they can't pay, but those who can do pay for the services.