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Play ball
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A few months ago we announced that we were going back to our roots and the roots of this county by covering the agribusiness community more thoroughly; this has been a success and has struck a special chord with our readers both out in the county as well as within the city.

Sunday we continued to cover events that are signs of happier days for our community.

Our Sunday edition featured pictures of the opening day of Newton County Recreation's baseball season. Looking at the pictures, one could almost smell the popcorn and hear the refs calling "Steee-RIKE!"

We have a strong recreation department that facilitates some great youth programs; it is our intention to cover as much of those programs as we can.

We appreciate the efforts of Director Tommy Hailey and his staff in helping us do that.

Please, share your pictures, stories or even simple scores with us. Just upload your pictures to the Community section of or e-mail them to Make sure you include everyone's name if you'd like to see the photos in the paper.

We are looking forward to highlighting our future hall-of-famers and leaders in The Covington News.

Play ball!