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Pierce Cline Garden
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 On Wednesday, the weather was supposed to be gray with a threat of sleet. Instead, the sun shone through and the sky was a beautiful blue, with plenty of wispy white clouds speeding by.

This was only appropriate, as our local college chose the day to honor one of Newton County’s foremost former citizens, Pierce Cline.

It was Cline who rallied local community leaders to band together to snatch the college from our neighbor Rockdale County in the nick of time.

It is only fitting that the college established a park, which will also act as an outdoor classroom, to honor Cline.

If you never met Pierce Cline, you missed an opportunity to meet a man who represented real Americana. Strong but gentle, he had a special way of convincing you to follow him in his quest to help make his home, Newton County, a better place to live.

Having Georgia Perimeter College locate here was one of his greatest accomplishments; it is one of the jewels in our county’s crown.

We miss Pierce Cline, and we are thankful that our community college has chosen this way to honor his memory.