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Pick another day
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We support the county's effort to tighten its belt during this current fiscal crisis.

We appreciate the efforts of every manager and employee who has come up with cost-saving measures to help county employees keep their jobs or not have their earnings cut.

The director of the library recently announced that in order to save money, the library would be closed on Saturdays.

We disagree with this chosen day of closing.

We are proud of our library as it has become a refuge for those looking for jobs or for those who enjoy reading a good book they cannot afford to buy.

The Rockdale County Library is open both Saturday and Sunday - according to their director those two days are their busiest times.

Our library here in Newton should be open at the times that families can take advantage of what it has to offer.

Pick another day to close the library; keep it open on Saturdays when it is needed the most.