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Our thoughts...Protection from predators
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 Sen. John Douglas, true to his word, has introduced pre-legislation that would make it illegal for a registered sex offender to run for office on local school boards.

 Douglas’ bill would amend state law so that no one on the National Sex Offender Registry or a state sexual registry could be elected to serve on a local board of education.

 Current law allows for convicted sex offenders to run for office 10 years after their entire sentence has been completed.

 Douglas has said he has no plans that would bar sex offenders from running for other public offices beside school board memberships.

 We support and applaud Sen. Douglas’s legislation.

 Our only question is why wouldn’t you want to have legislation passed that would bar sex offenders from running for any political office in the state?

 We urge Sen. Douglas to take that extra step to protect not only our children, but all of our citizens, from these predators.