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Our Thoughts: Wrong but right
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General Stanley McChrystal is an American hero; he bleeds red, white and blue.

Throughout his carrier, he has put his life on the line for our country.

General Stanley McChrystal, despite all the good he has done, has made a serious blunder that he should have known better than to have committed.

Out of utter frustration, he criticized his superiors in public. In the corporate world and in government, this is not acceptable.

The president, although he has surrounded himself with a group of bumbling, inefficient people, including the vice president of the United States Joe Biden, is still the president. Stanley McChrystal still answers to the president no matter how much of a hero he was.

President Obama should be ashamed for putting such incompetents, such as Afghan Ambassador Karl Eckenberry and adviser Richard Holbrooke, in high-ranking positions. Both try to undermine our mission and destroy the war effort being fought by the most gallant of American men and women.

General McChrystal erred. He has now paid the price for his publicly loose tongue.

Obama would do our nation good by also sacking Eckenberry and Holbrooke and letting General Petraeus and his handpicked staff execute the war effort the way it should be run, which is to win it with the least amount of casualties and then leave.

He also should assign Joe Biden any task that will involve him keeping his big, fat mouth shut for the remainder of his presidency.