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Our thoughts... World of human wreckage
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If there was ever a time in our history when a Christian nation like ours should pray for peace and guidance, then it is now.

 The world is sitting on a virtual powder keg with worldwide financial strain, radicals and religious zealots who have but one intention — to set the nations of the world against each other.

 World War I, the war fought to end all wars, began for less reason than what has presented itself in the last few weeks.

 It was 96 years ago this month that a Serbian anarchist assassinated the then crown prince of Austria-Hungary, Archduke Franz Ferdinand. Three weeks after his death the nations of the world selected sides and the war that killed millions was initiated.

 In addition to the daily terrorist threat that the world lives under, in the last few weeks we have discovered that the North Koreans torpedoed a South Korean ship for no reason. This past weekend members of a so-called peace team tried to run an Israeli blockade of the Gaza strip in several boats and after being boarded by the Israelis, these people of peace attacked members of the Israeli military.

 This peace flotilla supposedly was carrying food and medicines for Palestinians; the truth is the Israelis allow such materials to be given to the people of Gaza. The Israelis also offered to escort this group into port in order to be inspected — this offer was refused.

 We need our leaders to stand strong behind the Israelis — our real allies. They did no more than we would have done to protect our ports if a suspicious ship tried to enter. Especially, if we suspected that vessel of carrying weapons meant to harm us.