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Our thoughts... The state of the union
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The miracle election in Massachusetts recently gave us hope that the president would come to his senses and actually start being the person that people elected in 2008.
He ran on a policy of change, transparency and political cooperation; he became instead a leader who is driven by his own massive ego, who has been so anxious to please the radical left that he surrounded himself with characters of the most dubious political kind. He became a person who traveled the world and bowed down to kings and princes and apologized for our country at every stop.

He has spent his energies and time into trying to pass a health bill that was despised by a majority of the American people. His first priority and promise was to work to provide jobs for the American people. Instead he has pushed agendas that have filled the pockets of union leaders and continued to blame all past administrations, especially the Bush administration, for every ill that has befallen our country.

He has dragged his feet in dealing with Afghanistan. He gave enemy combatants the same rights as American Citizens. Under his leadership and with the backing of the Democratic controlled congress led by Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi who are two of the most disrespected and mistrusted people in this country, he has, in one short year, more than discouraged and demoralized the majority of the American people.

Yes, we were praying that the president (because of the Massachusetts election) would now accept the message that he must compromise in order to govern. So we watched the State of the Union message with the greatest of hopes and expectations.

Unfortunately, we were sorely disappointed. The president did not even come close to reaching the level of confidence we were praying for: he preached at us, delivering his usual smirks and rhetoric. He diverted not one iota from his previous path of leadership, a path that is fast running downhill out of control. He reached deep into his bag of political tricks to declare his plans to work harder for civil rights and seeing that woman were paid the same as men. He tried to appease the gay community by promising to abolish the "Don't ask, don't tell" military rule that deals with gays in the military
At the same time he was telling us out of one side of his mouth that congress needs to cooperate, while from the other side he blasted the Republicans and blamed them for his failures. He wasn't satisfied with that; he then showed a complete lack of any class and attacked the sitting members of the Supreme Court for a recent decision on corporate political giving that he didn't like. This personal attack brought the usual band of congressional misfits to their feet in complete agreement with this personal insult.

Yes, we were more than disappointed with the 2010 State of the Union address. We came away feeling depressed, depressed that we have a president who apparently will continue to seek his own agenda, the majority of the American people be damned.