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Our Thoughts: Teacher of the year
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Congratulations Kenneth Hanson. It’s a great honor and great testament to your hard work that you were named Newton County School System’s 2015 Teacher of the Year.

Congratulations, also, Newton County. Hanson is a great asset to our community, as someone who has started his professional career here and become the best — even if it is just for a year — in his company. And Hanson being the top teacher is saying a lot, edging quality teachers such as the other two finalists: Heather Fuller of Newton College and Career Academy and Chris Williams of Newton High Schools.

Hanson’s first job after graduating from Georgia State in 2006 was as a history teacher at Indian Creek Middle School. Thursday, he was named Teacher of the Year for his work as a history teacher at Indian Creek Middle School.

That is a great testament to NCSS finding the right people to help lead its students. It is also says a lot that the system was able to retain a top teaching talent.

Hanson earned the Teacher of the Year honor not only for his work in the classroom, but also for what he has done in the community. As a participant in Hands on Atlanta and Clark Howard’s Habitat for Humanity, as long as being active in his local church and volunteering his time to feed the homeless and visit nursing homes, Hanson has become a vital part of this community.

Mr. Hanson, NCSS and the Chamber of Commerce has thanked you for your efforts at Indian Creek with prizes such as cash, cars and crystal. But we also would like to thank you, and NCSS for delivering a quality person to our community’s youth and Newton County as a whole.