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Our Thoughts: Safe and sound
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The promise of autumn coming this week seems to be bringing a certain sense of relief that our hottest days will soon be behind us. And, here in Newton County we could use that cool-down both figuratively and literally.

This week started with the heat firmly on Newton County as an armed militia staged a protest from the Covington Square. That protest, that show of force, occurred after weeks of our county being embroiled in controversy surrounding a proposed mosque.

Thankfully, throughout the protests, personal attacks, distrust and contempt, the people of Newton County have remained unharmed.

Residents have come out in droves to voice their opinion, bringing not only more people to our downtown area but also more tempers. Those strong feelings were heard and felt by those passing through the Square, and those watching on every news station in Atlanta, reading publications nation-wide and in their own local community newspaper.

And through it all, our public safety officers have humbly and faithfully done their job to protect and serve.

The good men and women of the Newton County Sheriff’s Office and the Covington Police Department deserve our thanks and praise. There are many other communities in this state and nation that would not have had such protests and gatherings go as we did here in Newton County.

Our law enforcement officer didn’t need the use of riot gear or dogs or barricades. The men and women of the Newton County Sheriff’s Office and Covington Police Department were there just humbly doing their jobs, ready to spring into action if needed.

And we were none the wiser and all that much safer because of it.

Our community has certainly been impacted each time a forum, town hall, or protest occurred.

Just this week, dance classes were cancelled, and restaurants and stores lost money and weren’t as busy they have been since our Square has been revitalized. Many lunch conversations and Sunday morning sermons have focused on the issues we currently face.

But the impact has been well controlled and managed by those charged with keeping our community safe. Let us take a moment to consider and be thankful for the community that we live in, where respect is still a virtue.

It is one of the great things about Newton County.

All this came on the heels of the 33rd annual Fuzz Run. During this event, the community comes out to show support for the Covington Police Department and show how much we appreciate all that the CPD, and our other local law enforcement agencies, do for us.

Do you think that most communities have big “come out and support of law enforcement” days? Unlikely. And we have been doing it for 33 years.

This is not to say that our local law enforcement agencies are flawless but, in the midst of all the heat brought to Newton County, the Covington Police Department and the Newton County Sheriff’s Office said, “Don’t worry.” The community responded with an overwhelming sense of trust.

That is true leadership that goes unrecognized all-too-often. So this week, we, at The Covington News, say thank you to all our local law enforcement. It is not easy doing what you do and when you do it well, it is hardly even noticeable.

Our community and our way of life owes you a debt of gratitude.