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Our thoughts... Revisiting by-the-drink alcohol
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It’s been two weeks since three elected county commissioners decided that they and they alone were elected to subvert the will of the people. Instead of trusting the people who elected them to make a decision that would control their own destiny, these commissioners chose not to place the option to serve alcoholic beverages in Newton County on the ballet this November.

Since that decision was made, we have received many interesting and forthright letters on the subject.

A couple of the folks who took the time to write defended the actions of the three commissioners.

We believe that there is no reasonable defense for what they did; the uproar in this country today from the former silent majority of this country has been caused by the pure arrogance of elected officials in both the federal and state governments.

These elected officials have constantly voted purely along party lines, which has put our country on the brink of an economic disaster.

These politicians have forgotten that it is the will of the majority of the American people that has made this country such a wonderful place to live and a land of opportunity for the last 234 years.

The thwarting of this will has now reached the local level of politics. Ewing, Simmons and Henderson, as if running an oligarchy, thumbed their noses at the ability of the people of Newton County to make their own decisions.

This display of arrogance is completely inexcusable.

We need to have elected officials who will work for the welfare of the people of Newton County. We need politicians that look at their constituents as partners. We need politicians who have the intelligence and foresight to turn this county around economically.

The actions of the majority of the Board of Commissioners last week was nothing short of shameful arrogance and should not be repeated again.