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At last: Ghost trains will no longer impede traffic in Covington.

The bumpy intersections where city streets cross the abandoned Norfolk Southern rail line are about to get a coat of pavement. Even better, many of those stop signs that force motorists to brake for nothing except their consciences will soon come down.

As we reported Monday at, the city has agreed to pave 23 crossings. When the project is done, they will decide on which stop signs to remove and replace with "Tracks Out of Service" signage. Some may remain to keep speeds down in some neighborhoods, which will help keep pets and children safer. See the front for a list of the intersections to be repaved.

That’s great news. It’s a minor project that will take a minimal amount of time (30 days or so) that will positively impact anyone who drives through the city. It also will give all you overstressed drivers out there who mentally fume at the stupidity at having to stop for a phantom freight train one less thing to "rail" against.